About My Classes

Normally I run my classes out of a studio in Chelsea, London. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic I am offering my classes in an online format. 

Next Live Stream Course Tuesday 21 July until Friday 21 August 2020

Online Floor Barre Course

Ballet Inspired Conditioning

In 1997 Charlotte devised a Floor Barre programme especially aimed at women who were interested in learning how to achieve the body of a dancer with its strength, suppleness and beauty through ballet exercises that had been adapted for these purposes. These unique floor barre classes use the principles of ballet to create a programme that is suitable for beginners and advanced participants alike. Whilst improving core strength, flexibility and co-ordination the aim of the class is also to induce a feeling of well being in the mind and body. Each exercise is practiced in time to music and the body learns to express itself through the rhythm and phrasing of the melody.


Online Ballet Courses

Elementary and Intermediate Ballet Classes

The Elementary Ballet lessons are based at the barre where you will learn all the basic Ballet positions and movements of the arms and legs as well as focusing on correct posture,alignment and co-ordination.  


This class is designed specifically for participants with little or no previous ballet experience.​ Learning and remembering the exercises is a good workout for the brain too! 


It is a challenging yet fun lesson and nicely complements the floor barre class.

The Intermediate Ballet classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are for participants who have had some previous training, even if it was many years ago.

You will need to be familiar with all the basic ballet terminology such as Plies, Tendus, Glisses, Ronds de jambe, Adage and Grand battements.

The class consists of barre work, stretches and centre work up to and including petit allegro.


Words from My Clients

“I have been doing Charlotte’s Ballet and Floor Barre classes for over 10 years. I love co-ordinating ballet moves with her wonderful music, to strengthen my core and keep me flexible”

Clare. H


Helpful Information

“I have been going to ballet classes with Charlotte for 16 years and have enjoyed every single class. I had loved ballet as a child but had not been to a class since I was 12. I restarted nervously in my late 40s.
To me the joy is in the combination of the exercise, the music, the people and most of all the actual dance as taught by Charlotte. It's a class suited to anyone who has some basic ballet steps and loves dance."


"Charlotte's classes are a delight. I have occasionally tried various other classes and none of them have the same vibrance or sense of enjoyment. Charlotte has continuing high standards encouraging and achieving improvment from her students - most of whom have been with her for many years which is a testimony in itself! Her classes are the best hours of the week."


“ Je suis les cours de barre au sol de Charlotte depuis 10 ans. C’est le plus extraordinaire prof de danse que j’ai eu : ses cours modèlent le corps avec des muscles en longueur, très élégamment mais très musclé. Ses cours permettent de garder un corps superbe, long, fin, élégant avec un port extraordinaire »


“Being part of Charlotte's classes made a huge impact in my life. I am stronger, I have more energy and it has helped my mind to keep focus. Her dedication and talent is contagious. I love the music and atmosphere. My body responds beautifully to her exercices."


How often do you run your courses?

Courses are run three times per year in line with the U.K. school terms.

Do I need previous ballet training to attend Floor Barre?

No. The floor barre classes are suitable for anyone looking to improve their core strength and flexibility with ballet based exercises that are all set to music.

Do I need to register for the full course?

Yes you will need enrol for a course to join the Live Stream classes. Alternatively I offer a limited number of class videos which can be rented for 48 hours on my 'Stream A Class' page. Courses offer the best value for money, variety and an opportunity to progress, whilst individual videos are great to focus on technique or for those who are unable to commit to regular classes.

What does a Live Stream Course entail?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic I am running my classes online via Zoom. If you sign up for a course you will be able to attend my live classes via a special Zoom link. You do not need a Zoom account to access the class. You will also receive access to a special course page where you can watch the classes back weekly if you miss the live stream.

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