The Toner Technique

Would you like to try my classes from the comfort of your own home? Here you can rent my classes for 72 hours.


Stream A Class

Can't commit to a course but are interested in doing a workout? 

Now you can rent a selection of my classes for 72 hours and complete a workout when it suits you.

Please note these video classes are taken at your own risk, and by renting these classes you accept my terms and conditions which can be found here.


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What to expect when renting a class video

Never taken an online class before? Here is what to expect.

Here's a few tips to get you started:

Make sure you have a good internet connection. Classes are streamed which means a good internet connection is essential. Videos are purchased online via a secure payment link (credit of debit card). Upon making payment the video will be available for 72 hours after purchasing via this page, and cannot be downloaded (only streamed).

 Wear something comfortable and stretchy. If you are taking Floor Barre find a space where you can both sit and lie down comfortably. If you have a mat I would recommend using one, however this is not essential as long as you are comfortable. Have some water at the ready and stay hydrated. Floor Barre is a great option for beginners. 

I also offer 1-1 training upon request, if you'd like to enquire about private classes please send an email to

Please note all music is used for educational purposes only and I do not own the rights.