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Tone and lengthen gracefully at any age


Ballet Inspired Conditioning

In 1997 Charlotte devised a Floor Barre programme especially aimed at women who were interested in learning how to achieve the body of a dancer with its strength, suppleness and beauty through ballet exercises that had been adapted for these purposes. These unique floor barre classes use the principles of ballet to create a programme that is suitable for beginners and advanced participants alike. Whilst improving core strength, flexibility and co-ordination the aim of the class is also to induce a feeling of well being in the mind and body.




Elementary and Intermediate Ballet Classes

The Elementary Ballet lessons are based at the barre where you will learn all the basic Ballet positions and movements of the arms and legs as well as focusing on correct posture,alignment and co-ordination.  

This class is designed specifically for participants with little ballet experience.​ Learning and remembering the exercises is a good workout for the brain too! 

It is a challenging yet fun lesson and nicely complements the floor barre class.

The Intermediate Ballet classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are for participants who have had some previous training, even if it was many years ago.

You will need to be familiar with all the basic ballet terminology such as Pliés, Tendus, Glissés, Rond de jambe, Adage and Grand battement.

The class consists of barre work, stretches and centre work up to and including petit allegro.

Ballet Dancers

Charlotte's classes are a delight. I have occasionally tried various other classes and none of them have the same vibrance or sense of enjoyment. Charlotte has continuing high standards encouraging and achieving improvment from her students - most of whom have been with her for many years which is a testimony in itself! Her classes are the best hours of the week.


Mary, Ballet Student

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